Viking Mice Conquered British Isles (New Scientist, Oct. 2008)
New Pain Research Shows Mice Capable Of Empathy (Science Daily, 2006)
Reciprocity in Rats (PloS, July 2007)
Rats to the Rescue: Results of the First Tests on a Real Minefield (JMA, March 2006)

'Oddball Rodent' Is Called New to Science (NYT, May 2005) &

'Fossil' rock rat pictured alive (BBC News, June 2006)
Rats in a Maze Take a Moment to Remember, but in Reverse (NYT, Feb. 2006)
Reverse replay of behavioural sequences in hippocampal place cells during the awake state (Nature, March 2006)
Long Ago, a Rodent as Big as a Bull Lurked in South America (NYT, January 2008)
Giant rat found in 'lost world' (BBC News, Dec. 2007)
The Renaissance Rat (Nature, April 2004)
more coming soon...

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