Rats in Moscow

The Zona Club in Moscow is designed in a prison style. The guests are welcomed by prison guard and patrol dogs, watchtowers and barbed wire; the prison motif is continued inside with massive doors, prison bars, cells and waiters wearing prison robes. But the venue doesn't look gloomy, as prison esthetics is masterfully combined with well-known attributes of swanky night life.

There are two dance floors occupying the ground and first levels of the club. There for the first time in the history of Moscow night life such devices as dance floor with changing level, rotating bar-roundabout, transparent floor and live white rats under the glass have been used.

Source: www. moscow-hotels-russia.com

Rats are being put to good use in a plosh private club in Moscow. Members of the Grand Dynamo each night sit around with tumblers full of Scotch, scorecards in hand, placing bets on large trained rats that scurry through a neon-lit, glass encased "race course", prompted by a hand bell rung by a dwarf dressed as an 18th- century page. The manager of the club was quoted as saying, "that we've always had a lot of rats in Russia, but this is the first time they are organized."

Source: www.expatworld.org


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